Star Wars Kylo Ren Lightsaber - Disney Parks with Blade - Red enjoy saving 30-50% off


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Brand New Kylo Ren Force FX Lightsaber from Star Wars The Last Jedi with Red REMOVABLE blade is a must have for collectors.This is not available anymore. Purchased at Disney Park as an Exclusive. Box is sealed and never been opened. The box and corners are in perfect condition.Please feel free to ask me any questions at all!

*The Removable Blade FX Lightsabers are great collectors items and I wish I had bought more of the previous sabers when they were on sale.

**This is a KYLO REN lightsaber from the film The Last Jedi.

***Shipping with a well packed and proper sized shipping box.As I am a collector, it makes a difference when you pack these items properly.

****Only ONE (1) Lightsaber - I know some of the pictures were taken with 2 boxes. That was just for photo reasons.

Saber comes complete with:

- Hilt & Blade

- Wall Mount

- Belt Clip

- Hilt Stand


- Blade can be removed from Hilt so you can display it by itself or wear it on belt clip for Cosplay.

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